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Map & nearby Hotels

Map & nearby Hotels

We are located on Sisowath Quay (AKA Riverside) in an allay between House 417 and house 421 across the street from Himawari Hotel and Hotel Cambodiana, (If you come with your own car (on weekdays), please use the parking lot of Himawari Hotel. We made arrangements with them)

This central location is just 2 minutes walk from the southeast corner of Royal Palace and riverside, 2 minutes from Cambodia Vietnam Relationship Monument, and 5 minutes from Independence Monument.

There are over 20 hotels within 5 minutes walk from our location, here is a partial list:

Hotels Near Chabad

4-5 Star hotels:

  • Himawari Hotel
  • Hotel Cambodiana

[Sofitel Hotel is 20 minute walk from the center. Raffles Hotel and Hotel Phnom Penh are about 45 minutes walk. The Intercontinental Hotel is 50 minute walk].

Boutique Hotels:

  • River Home Hotel
  • La Varenne Hotel (AKA Landscape Hotel)
  • H hotel
  • Regent Park Hotel 
  • Alibi Guesthouse
  • Queen Grand Boutique Hotel
  • King Grand Boutique Hotel
  • Kha Vi Villa
  • Number 9 

Guesthouses & Dorms:

Street 258 is just 2 minutes walk from Chabad. There are several Guesthouses there, such as:

  • Okay Guesthouse
  • TT Guesthouse 
  • lazy gecko
  • Kha Vi Guesthouse
  • Same Same Backpackers
  • Flix 

and others. Some offer dorms, laundry service and travel assistance.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Map & Hotels

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