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Sunday - Teffilin Club - 9:00 am 

Take an hour from your day off to feed your soul. 
We will put on the Teffilin and say the  
Shema  prayer, 
followed by a delicious breakfast - Jewish style. 
A great opportunity for beginners!

Monday – Friday

Changing. Please inquire. 

Friday Night

Kabbalat Shabbat Service (25 minutes) will start as follows: January 6:15. February - April 6:30. May - August 6:45. September - 6:30. Actober 6:15. November - December 6:00 followed by Friday Night Dinner

Shabbat morning services

9:00 – Parsha Class 
10:00 – Service 
11:00 – Weekly Torah reading 
12:00 – Shabbat meal and a yummy traditional Cholent! 




If you are in a need of saying Kaddish please inform us. While we don't have a regular Minayn on weekdays, in recent years we were always able to fulfill requests for Minyan for Yortzait as people were happy to join efforts for such holy cause.


If you have a relative or a friend who is in a need for a prayer due to health condition please contact us with his/her Hebrew name as well as mother's Hebrew name and we will be happy to make a special prayer for him/her at the Torah at no cost.