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March 9-10, 2020
Message from the Rabbi

Purim is coming! It will start on Monday evening, March 9 through Tuesday, March 10.

Purim is a fun for all holiday, just like the decree was not so fun for all. At the time of Purim, Jews weren't so well behaved religiously. They forgot that G‑d protects them which was the cause for the decree. The miracle of Purim is so meaningful, because it shows us that even at such time, when our relationship with G‑d isn't that great, He still will turn the world over to bring salvation upon us!

There are a few things we would like to tell you about the holiday. Thanks for taking the time to read it. We are well aware of the challenge of a Jewish holiday falling on a day of work and have made some changes in our schedule in order to accommodate everybody!

Rabbi Bentzion & Mashie Butman

Purim Party - Purim in outer space

Come join us in the Purim spirit!


Tuesday, March 10. 5:00 PM.

The theme of this year's Purim Party is Purim in outer space. Wait to see what our ballroom will get dressed up as. If you can dress in this theme it will be great but you know you are welcome in any way you would like. If you forgot, don't worry, just explain that you were spacing out.

  • Details:
  • Megillah reading
  • Mishloach Manot & Matanot Laevyonim 
  • Dress up
  • Music
  • Full meal
  • Friends
  • Lechaim!
MegiLlah Readings

To relive the miraculous events of Purim, listen to the reading of the Megilah (the Scroll of Esther) twice: once on Purim eve, Monday night, March 9, and again on Purim day, Tuesday March 10.

Monday – March 9th
9:00 pm - Lechaim and Music! Megilah reading.
Tuesday – March 10th

8:15 am - Shachrit
5:00 pm - Grand Purim Party

Give to the needy

Concern for the needy is a year-round responsibility; but on Purim it is a special mitzvah to remember the poor.

Give charity to at least two (but preferably more) needy individuals on Purim day, March 10th.

If you are not able to find a poor person, we are able to facilitate this great mitzvah for you. Click donate below to send a donation to our center (note that it's for the above cause), and we will distribute it to people in need.

Send Food Portions to Friends

On Purim we emphasize the importance of Jewish unity and friendship by sending gifts of food to friends.

On Purim day, March 10th, send a gift of at least two kinds of ready-to-eat foods (e.g., pastry, fruit, beverage) to at least one friend. Men should send to men, and women to women. It is preferable that the gifts be delivered via a third party. Children, in addition to sending their own gifts of food to their friends, make enthusiastic messengers.

Chabad Cambodia will try to enable every Jew in the country to celebrate the holiday. While Jews of Phnom Penh are more than welcome to join our party, we will also be sending Mishloach Manot to Jews who live outside Phnom Penh! If you (know of Jews who) live outside Phnom Penh, please provide us with the name, city and phone number you/they can be reached at on Tuesday, by Thursday March 5th. Thank you!

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