As the sole Jewish organization in a developing country, much of our work is of social essence and sometimes vital humanitarian needs.

We are the unofficial embassy that is responsible for anything that happens to any of the 15,000,000 Jews that live on the planet while they are within the 180,000 square KM of the kingdom.

A Home Away from Home

We are a home away from home for all Jews: locals, travelers, backpackers and business people alike, offering full menu of food, phone with international calls, internet and a place to meet each other.

People enjoy coming in for lunch, for an evening schmooze, to browse the web or just for coffee. 

Our place has produced many relationships, partnerships and friendships!

Medical Support

Accidents are very common in this country. If in your hometown evacuation to a hospital is the most simple and smooth procedure, it is not the case over here. On top of it, overseas relatives can be extremely anxious and concerned.

We will make sure the patient is getting the best and fastest treatment. We will visit him/her in the hospital and provide hot food. In case of long term hospitalization, we will make sure the patient is visited by local Jewish Community members as well. The mood of a patient has a strong effect on the recovery process and feeling that someone cares helps. In some cases, when the accident is very small and there are no major injuries, our efforts are mainly directed to help the family abroad understand that the situation is under control.

Robbery Victim Support 

Robbery is unfortunately becoming more and more of a regular reality. At this point we hear of a Jew who was robbed at an average of once a week! Don’t worry, your life is not at risk. It is only your wallet. Sometimes your passport is there too, and some countries don’t even have an embassy here... We are the mediator in such cases 6-8 times a year.

Mental Support 

Mentally ill people sometimes find Cambodia to be a shelter from life. Young fellows can be addicted to drugs etc. Sometimes they first need to be located as the only info we are provided with is the date and location of their entry to Cambodia. Upon finding these people, we engage them with Dr’s. In many cases they are not interested in reconnecting with their families, which from our side is a first priority. We help a family member fly in, prepare them for the reunion, and make sure they come back home safely, occasionally with the help of their embassy.

Prison Visits 

Unfortunately, Jews make their way to prison sometimes. Up to this point, we only had one case of a Jew who spent one year in jail here. But we had several other cases in which an early intervention with legal support has helped people tremendously.

After Life Support 

Over the years, we have encountered several cases of death. We help families with the legal documentation needed as well as with the shipping of the bodies to their home countries.

Due to the lack of economical and accessible Jewish burial options, we had families who unfortunately chose to not bury their loved ones in accordance with the Jewish law, despite our eagerness to undertake it. Such cases have pushed us to get our own Jewish Cemetery.

The Jewish Cemetery


The Jewish cemetery was established following a few tragic incidents that created the need.

With the help of friends from all over the world a land was purchased in 2013 and permit requests have been submitted and approved. It's a big land bordering with other cemeteries, 18 km north of Phnom Penh. Click here for the location on google map and here for directions from our center.

The first burial took place in April 2014. Chief Rabbi of Thailand, Rabbi Yosef C. Kantor flew over to run the ceremony (as seen in picture). 

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