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Dear Friend,

We were all shocked by the unexpected passing of our dear son / brother / friend / fellow Eliyahu Moscowitz OBM, הקדוש אליהו הי"ד בן יבלחט"א מנחם מענדל מאסקאוויץ.

Making sure his legacy continues, the family decided to write a Sefer Torah in his memory. We are now turning to you to help us make it a reality.

The very last mitzvah in the Torah is to write a Torah scroll, as many of us are not scribes it is an accepted custom that through purchasing a part in a Torah it is as though you have written your own Torah and fulfilled this obligation.

The Torah will be a great way for Eliyahu to earn more good deeds in this world and will surely bring comfort to the pained family.

On behalf of the Moscowitz family,
The Torah Committee


The beautiful sterling silver crown, with your family name engraved will be prominently displayed above the Torah

Eitz Chaim

Dedicate the Torah rollers with your family name engraved on it.

Books of Torah

Dedicate one complete book of the five Books in the Torah. Bereishit • Shemot • Vayikra • Bamidbar • Devarim

Special Selections

You may choose to mark a personal occasion or to connect to a unique blessing in the Torah. Selections include: Blessing for Children • Hashem, Hashem-13 Attributes of Mercy • Az Yashir-Splitting of the Sea • Bircat Kohanim-Priestly Blessing • Ten Commandments • Shema Yisroel • Vayehi Binsoa • Chazak-End of Book

Parsha - Weekly Torah Portion

Endow a Torah portion for yourself and / or a friend by choosing a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah or wedding anniversary Torah portion.

Pasuk - Torah Verse

Endow a Torah verse that has special meaning to you and /or a friend.


Endow a word in the Torah that has special meaning to you or a friend.


Endow letters of a Jewish Name for yourself or a friend

Be a part of it!


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