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Lag Baomer BBQ

Lag-baomer-BBQ_wide.jpgTime to go out...

In honor of Lag Baomer we will go out the diamond island and have a BBQ at the park. The entrance to the park is between Koh Pich Fire Station and the Golf Course. directions.

Wednesday, April 25, 7:00 pm.

Judaism from the beginning - success at first class

A great turnout at the new course “Judaism from the beginning”. At the first class that took place on Wednesday evening, we discussed from creation till Mount Sinai. Forming our nation. The stages that are written and the stages that are not.

The next class will take place on Tuesday (due to our Lag Baomer BBQ on Wednesday) at 7:30 pm.

We are going to discuss The Jewish calendar. The basic historical story with references to all holidays.

Message from the Rabbi

This week I came across a post that made me think for a bit.

A little girl was holding two apples; her mother asked for one. The girl quickly bit one apple, and then, the other. Her mother held back her disappointment. Then the girl handed one to her saying: “Here, this is the sweeter one.” Moral: Never Judge.

It’s true. Never judge, yet not so practical. Our nature to Judge may be stronger that our understanding of how wrong it is and it may be hard to accomplish. Our push to analyze what we see is natural and even healthy. Yet, we have to knowledge that the way we view reality is never objective. We can’t see the full picture. So even if we are quick to come to conclusion, we have to bear in mind that we may be off.

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