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new chalav yosroel milk
Thank you Kirisu Milk Farm!

A Jewish farm 90 minutes drive from here has invited us to watch the process of milking and enabled us to walk off with the highest standard of Kosher milk.

Thank you Mr. Uri Rachamim!

Message from the Rabbi

I am "landing" now from a very uplifting experience.

I partook in one of the longest if not the longest gatherings in history. It started on Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) in Australia, an hour after Shabbat was over and lasted for nearly 140 hours. It didn’t die slowly; It was cut off short while the zoom part maximized 1000 people and others were watching live streaming on the conference website). I felt like a little kid that the only way for his parents to make him go eat is by taking away his toys. Well, it wasn't too far from it.

Wondering what’s there to talk about for so long? Let me try to share with you.

There were stories about Yiddishe Neshamot (Jewish souls) that discovered their true identity after decades of hunger and enhanced their relationship with the Creator. Unbelievable ways in which Divine providence led people to the very right place in a very small window of time so that a 102-year-old woman can see her son and grandson put on Tefillin for the first time, hours before she died, or a man who’s 4th generation out of touch with his roots would start observing the Shabbat.

There were plenty of insights that help us overcome challenges. One sentence that rings in my ears for a few days is: "You were not sent to XYZ to be angry with a fellow Jew." There is more, I promise. I just need some time to process.

There were miracle stories that enabled us to understand that no situation is a hopeless case and good can always appear from nowhere. Buildings that are purchased; schools that open; permits that come through; new shluchim opening new centers and more.

There was sharing of inspirational moments with the Rebbe. Public events like Tekiat Shofar or Hakafot, the miraculous recovery from a severe heart attack 43 years ago, and personal events and encounters with the Rebbe. Stories that bring about the Rebbe’s unlimited love and sensitivities towards fellow Jews. The sincere care is almost inhumane. The Rebbe’s dream comes from such a pure and selfless motivation!

I am sure as times goes by, I will have more to say but there is more that I need to do before Shabbat so,

Shabbat times
Candle Lighting Times for
Phnom Penh:
Friday, Nov. 20
5:15 pm
Shabbat, Nov. 21
6:06 pm
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