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Come experience the spiritual beauty of the Shabbat in a warm Jewish atmosphere. Home-made challah, gefilte fish and other traditional Jewish foods, songs and Torah thoughts, will all let you feel it the way it’s meant to be.

Let your family embrace the authentic holiness of the Shabbat and be inspired. 

What's the program?

Join Jewish women and girls the world over in lighting a holiday candle for each family member, ushering in a week of peace and blessings. Candle lighting at Candle lighting time.

Kabbalat Shabbat is a 25 minute prayer. It is a friendly service for beginners, with no experience needed. See more about our Synagogue service style.

And... Dinner! We begin with the traditional Shalom Aleichem song followed by Kiddush and a scrumptious 3 course meal.

Occasionally, we run 'Community Shabbat' as part of our efforts to unite the local Jewish Community. Give us a hand; bring family and friends. Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

So when Should I come?

Candle lighting will be done at  Candle Lighting Time. We will then seat around to get to know the new faces.

Kabbalat Shabbat Service (25 minutes) will start as follows:
October - January 6:15 PM.
February - September 6:30 PM.

Kiddush and dinner following Kabbalat Shabbat Service. 

Do I need to RSVP?

It is very helpful when you RSVP in advance but if you see this close to Shabbat, please don't hesitate to join! We will manage better when you come unexpectedly then if you chose to stay home... 

And the cost? We host all kinds of people, from all sorts of backgrounds and capabilities. In order to avoid cases in which a Jew will be left behind due to lack of funds, we don't charge for dinner. Donations of any amount can be done by clicking here

Sponsorship are available: Co-sponsor for Friday Night Dinner is $360. Sponsor $720. For Shabbat morning Kiddush: Co-sponsor $180. Sponsor $360. 

For tour groups please contact us in advance. 

What about Shabbat day?

Chassidut class at 9:00 AM.
Shachrit at 10:00 AM.
Kiddush and Shabbat meal at 12:00 PM.
Mincha 1:30 PM.
Pirkei Avot class at 5:30 PM (summer only).
Arvit and Havdalah, 15 minutes after Shabbat is out.
Seuda Shlishit can be arranged with an advanced notice.