We offer a full menu of fresh food daily 9 am to 9 pm, as well as a sandwich menu 24 hours. Delivery is available to any point in greater Cambodia! Visit us for the menu.

How do we get Kosher here?

The easy stuff is fruits, vegetables, chicken eggs, salt and pepper, flour, rice, and such which can be purchased anywhere. Many items are brought here from abroad and are kosher certified, like mayonnaise, ketchup, oil, soy sauce, and more. Once a year we bring a dry shipment from Israel with Matzah, kiddush wine, tuna, crackers, and many shelf items that can last for a while. Chicken is brought regularly from Thailand and an airfreight shipment is done periodically from Johannesburg, South Africa for dairy and poultry.

Some people will ask us before arrival if we need anything from the US/Israel/Europe which will enable us to have things we miss...