Sunday - Teffilin Club - 8:30 am

20180422_093922.jpgUtilize your day-off to feed your soul. 
Communicate with the creator on a personal level with Talit and Tefillin

Enjoy a delicious communal breakfast - Jewish style
Guests friendly, a great opportunity for beginners!
Breakfast will be served.

Weekday Shachrit

8:15 Brachot, Talit and Teffilin,
8:30 Hodu
9:15 Breakfast with Halachah class.

Weekday Mincha & Arvit

Mincha 20 minutes before sunset.
followed by 40 minutes Gemara Shiur
Arvit soon after.

Friday Night

Mincha by Candle lighting time, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and  Friday Night Dinner

Shabbat day

9:00 – Parsha Class 
10:00 – Hodu
11:00 – Weekly Torah reading 
12:00 – Shabbat meal and a yummy traditional Cholent!
1:30 Mincha
5:30 (summer) Pirkei Avot Class
Arvit and Havdala 15 minutes after Shabbat is over.

Please note that weekday Minyans are not so steady. Yet, we have not yet failed to obtain a Minyan in case of a need for Kaddish (Yortzait or Chiuv). Let us know in advance.