Opened in 2009 along with the center our Shul was had its corner on the ground floor. We opened our services to all Jews, regardless of background or affiliation. Our friendly style was welcoming enough to create a Minyan soon after our arrival.

3 short month after our arrival we had our first Shabbat morning Minayn and we kept growing...

The continuous growth of the Minyan has led us to take a big step and extend the shul. The shul moved to an exclusive facility on our second floor at and of 2012. We invested time and efforts to make the women an integral part of shul. After consulting with experts, we have elevated the ground level of the ladies' section and placed a one way see through glass through which the ladies can see clearly the services.

We seek to make all our attendees as comfortable as possible. The services are traditional, conducted with the beginner in mind. No experience needed. The prayer book (the Siddur) is fully translated to English with parallel pages to the Hebrew one (prayer books are also available in French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese). The service includes much festive as well as meditative singing.

By now we have a Minayn every Friday night and Shabbat morning as well as Rosh Chodesh and other special occatsions during weekdays. 

Join us in our comfortable location, where the prayers are warm, the people are friendly, and everyone feels at home.